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Better Sound

  • Want to make a beautiful sound?
  • Improve your vibrato?
  • Play in tune?

Better Technique

  • Learn the violin from ‘scratch’?
  • Handle that bow with ease?
  • Understand those tricky rhythms?
  • Play faster? Play slower?
  • Improve your sight reading?

Better Practice

  • Want to practice smarter?
  • Fine tune your performance or exam?
  • Study style and historical performance practice?
  • Track your progress through past lesson recordings?

Greater Convenience

  • Want to schedule your lessons conveniently?
  • Avoid the rush, the expense, the pollution and all that traffic?
  • Want to have your personal violin teacher in your home studio?

{ Online Violin Lessons }

ViolinSync can help you with all of these goals. Our mission is to provide you with expert instruction in a personally fulfilling and effective learning environment.

Tuition is $40 USD per half hour of instruction. Our first meeting will be to check sound, discuss recording procedures and your individual goals. This meeting is free of charge and will last about 30 minutes.
With the exception of professional consultations, lessons are prepaid in blocks of four sessions. Lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length. If there is financial difficulty, there may be limited scholarships available. Please ask.

Lessons begin promptly at the scheduled time.

Tuition includes a 24/7 email service where the student can ask a question related to the last lesson. There is a guaranteed response within 24 hours. Please post other questions to the community section of this website.
There is a no missed lesson policy for both teacher and student. In the event of cancellation due to illness, a lesson can be ‘made up’ within a week of that cancelled session, time permitting. After that time, the lesson is forfeited by the student or refunded to the student if teacher absence has occurred.

If you are ill, take good care and get better soon. Please notify the instructor by email or phone as soon as possible.

If there is a network disturbance during the lesson, that session will be rescheduled or the lost time added to the next lesson.

Tuition is paid in advance by PayPal or Credit Card and is due in full before your first lesson or by the end of the last pre-paid session.

If you are not satisfied with your lessons and want to discontinue, your unused funds will be returned. Please fill out our refund form. To insure proper closure and /or preparation, please plan to give one month’s notice of your intent.

Please be aware that student enrollment is on a limited basis and there may be a waiting list.
ViolinSync guarantees that all recordings and lessons which the student and teacher have agreed to record are completely confidential and are not to be shared without written consent.

Students under the age of 12 require the presence of a parent or guardian in range of the video camera at all times.

ViolinSync.com respects your privacy. The personal information you provide us will not be sold to, traded, or shared with any third party.