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Vivian is a WONDERFUL musician, artist, and especially, a wonderful person. Her sense of self is portrayed beautifully through all of her creative endeavors. I have taken MANY art classes with Vivian and she always shares insight and wisdom- and constructive critique. Thanks to Vivian, I have the motivation and confidence to move forward. Isn’t that the sign of a great teacher??

– Karin L. 

Vivian’s education and experience in the musical arts is a tremendous asset to the local music community. What a tremendous opportunity for those interested in the violin!

– Janey P.

Vivian is a superb violinist and teacher. I have attended many of her local performances and know that she is passionate about the violin and teaching. If you have ever wanted to learn a new musical instrument with a wonderful, masterful teacher, then give Vivian Waters a call.

– A. M.  

I am 72 years old and I played theviolin for 3 years as a child. Vivian Waters helped me start playing with a group after only 3 months of lessons. Here is how she did it. 1. Vivian recognizes that each student’s brain is different, and her teaching approach reflects this. She has a unique system – the exercises (not scales and arpeggios) she chose for me allowed me to improve my skills without being bored or overwhelmed. 2. She quickly identified my impediments and clearly explained why certain technics I had would not work. She then showed a better and often an easier way of playing the piece I was working on. 3. Unlike other teachers, Vivian expected me to succeed and found ways to utilize the few good qualities that I had. 4. The most important is that Vivian helped me to build confidence. She is my inspiration and I think that she brings out the best in all her students. In my experience, if you are looking for a violin teacher for yourself or your child, you can’t make a better choice than Vivian Waters.

– Elizabeth S. 

“My three young daughters took violin lessons from Vivian. She is an outstanding teacher…extremely talented, detail oriented and personable.”

– Nikki

“Vivian is a superb teacher and coach. Whether you’re an adult professional, a serious amateur or someone looking to build skill, it is well worth your time to take some lessons from her. She has the ability to move one to new levels of performance with such insight and grace. It is amazing what I’ve understood and accomplished in a short time. She’s a master, and working with her is a joy.”

– Anne Hays Egan, NM

“I am an adult violin student, having decided at the age of 40 that I absolutely NEEDED to learn the violin – Vivian’s invaluable experience in the music world is evident at all of our lessons; her technical advice is priceless to me. Vivian always makes me feel like there is potential for improvement in my playing, and that I am not wasting my time. Vivian makes every effort to find permanent SOLUTIONS to my playing problems. She is honest in her teaching – critical if necessary – complimentary if deserved. I really appreciate this. Last, but not least, Vivian believes that I will one day play in a string quartet — my ultimate goal — and with her as my teacher, I may yet accomplish this goal!! Thanks Vivian. See you at our next lesson.”

– Anna Romita

“I began studying with Vivian after I decided to pick up the violin again after having neglected it for a very long time. I went to my first lesson convinced that I had no talent, and that I couldn’t play anything. Ten years later, I’m still working with Vivian, and playing things I’ve always wanted to play. With her enormous experience with playing problems of all kinds, she knows how to break down and solve knotted problems that prevent me from mastering a passage or a work. Through the use of video cameras and recordings, she’s shown me subtle aspects of my fingering and bowing technique, enabling me to see problems and correct them. And with her infectious good humour, she’s shown me that music isn’t a scary thing, but something to be savoured and enjoyed.”

– D. Grant Campbell

“As an adult picking up a violin for the first time, I have benefited tremendously from Vivian’s personalised and flexible approach – and patience! With every lesson, Vivian has been able to help me improve my technique, and make playing more enjoyable.”

– Catherine

“I’ve been studying viola with Vivian Waters for 13 years. My lessons have been a source of immense pleasure and satisfaction. I admire Vivian’s musicianship and teaching expertise, and I appreciate her patience in working around the demands of my hectic professional life. Vivian has also been very supportive of my other musical activities, helping me with tough passages in orchestra music and introducing me to an enthusiastic pianist.”

– Elizabeth Brubaker

“I’m living in Florida now, St Pete area by the beach…married and obviously with a new idibitty! I recently joined our church band (electric bass, guitar, keyboard and percussion). They never had a violin player, so they don’t know what to do with me (they just let me jam with them). But they don’t play from scores, only lyrics and guitar keys, I’ve never played like that before!!! So it allows me to improv and just go with the flow!!! It’s an awesome experience. What I want to say is thank you for your patience and your teachings when I was your student!!! I now play everything by ear but I remember all the long hours practicing those crazy scale variations. I never thought I could put them to use but they are what allows me to play by ear in this band. I love it!!!”

– Barbara C Kehrhahn Brummette

“Since I began studying with Vivian, my playing has improved significantly. Friends and family have noticed the difference.”

– Harold Smith

“I think that individual lessons have enabled me to progress more quickly than I would have in a group class. I find that it is a more conducive environment in which to address specific goals and/or challenges while exercises are chosen to develop and improve your individual skills. I’ve found my lessons with Vivian to be very helpful.”

– Claudia

“As my passion and profession, I have had many teachers in different theoretical and practical subjects of music such as harmony, history, counterpoint, composing, conducting, also piano, flute, harp, guitar, kamanche and tombak (Iranian traditional instruments). I have never seen such a committed, dedicated and thoughtful teacher like Ms Vivian Waters who is the most knowledgeable with high standards of violin techniques and thoughts. She has the best solution and logical way from any tiny to complicated technical points in the violin for all students in all ages and levels.”

– Kamal Taravati

“Vivian Waters was able to open my eyes to the details of violin playing. She introduced me to videotaped lessons, which was a big eye opener, because for the first time I was able to view myself from another point of view. I was able to see, hear and remember the things that I was doing wrong and reflect on how I looked as a performer. Vivian is a wonderfully detailed teacher, and was able to provide me with confidence and encouragement in pursuing a successful career in music.”

– Takayo Noguchi